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Akaali drawing diagram

Written Akaali on medical research

The Akaali languages were any of the dozens of languages spoken by the Akaali on the Akaali homeworld.

In 2151, the Enterprise NX-01 explored the pre-warp civilization. The accoustic relay picked up "dozens of languages" from the planet, Communications officer Hoshi Sato joked that she could spend ten years studying the planet. She noted that their name for their own species was "Akaali", but setting up a translation matrix for which language they would need depended on the landing site they selected. (ENT: "Civilization")

From examples of written language seen in the episode, it would appear that it could be written both horizontally and vertically.

Examples of dialogueEdit

While investigating the mysterious deliveries, Riann and Jonathan Archer were discussing his curious habit of talking to his dog Porthos when the universal translator malfunctioned.

Riann: My mother bought me a tu-soroko once, but it tu-ployo plodok.

Archer: What was that?

Riann: Deshi tik tilot mokol. Preyal nil shantik? Tilot? Preyal nil shantik--

(Archer kisses her, to correct the universal translator on his communicator behind her back.)

Riann: Tishik atmal--

(Archer tries to correct it again.)

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