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Akaar (2267)

Akaar (2267)
Gender: Male
Species: Capellan
Affiliation: Ten Tribes of Capella IV
Rank: Teer
Occupation: Leader of Capella IV
Status: Killed (2267)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): Eleen
Children: Leonard James Akaar
Born after his death
Played by: Ben Gage

Akaar (ä-kä'-är) was Teer, or leader, of the Ten Tribes of Capella IV late in the 23rd century. A distinguished man of middle years, he was nonetheless a formidable warrior. Very near the end of his tenure, emissaries from both the Klingon Empire and the Federation approached him seeking a mining accord. Both powers needed the rare mineral topaline, and sought Akaar's approval to mine it on Capella.

The Klingon agent, Kras, struck a secret deal with Akaar's rival or adviser Maab, who staged a coup during which Akaar was killed. He was survived by his then pregnant wife Eleen, a situation that created political complications for Maab. Tradition dictated that Eleen be murdered to prevent the birth of her child, who would be the rightful Teer. The Federation envoys, Kirk, Spock and McCoy objected, and fled into the nearby foothills with Eleen. There she gave birth to Leonard James Akaar, who became the new Teer with his mother as regent. The Federation eventually obtained a mining treaty. (TOS: "Friday's Child")

Akaar was played by actor Ben Gage.

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