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Angel I native
Beata, Elected One in 2364
Trent, a male Angel I native

The Angel I natives were a humanoid species from the planet Angel I. In appearance, they resembled Humans.

Their society was highly matriarchal and their government, the Parliament of Angel I, consisted of six elected Mistresses and a female Elected One. Men were considered second-class citizens as they were shorter in statue than the female Angel I natives.

Their civilization had reached the technological equivalent of Earth's mid-20th century by 2364. First Contact with the Federation occurred in 2302 when a Federation vessel visited Angel I. The freighter Odin collided with an asteroid in 2357 and escape pods landed on Angel I. The next contact with the Federation occurred in 2364, when the USS Enterprise-D visited the planet. (TNG: "Angel One")

Angel I symbol

The symbol of the Angel I natives

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