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With Wesley Crusher in Ten Forward

With Wesley Crusher in Ten Forward
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Status: Alive (2366)
Played by: Amy O'Neill
Annette DS.jpg

Annette in a deleted scene

Annette in a deleted scene

Annette was a young female civilian aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2366. She was a friend of Wesley Crusher and part of a group of young people observed by Beverly Crusher in Ten Forward, shortly after her return to the Enterprise-D. Annette seemed somewhat attracted to Wesley, driving Beverly to ask Guinan for information about the girl. (TNG: "Evolution")

Annette was played by actress Amy O'Neill, who received no credit for this appearance.
Her character originally had several lines of dialogue with Wesley and another Enterprise-D youth, Eric, but the scene was cut for time. Annette and Eric wanted Wesley to join them on a holodeck ski trip, but he was too busy with work to join them. Later, Annette was injured when the nanites caused the holodeck to malfunction.

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