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Gender: Male
Species: Romulan
Affiliation: Romulan militay
Rank: Centurion
Occupation: Pilot of a scout ship
Status: Alive (2366)
Played by: John Snyder

Centurion Bochra was one of two Romulan officers, along with Patahk, piloting the scout ship Pi when their vessel crashed on the planet Galorndon Core in 2366. Both officers apparently activated their ship's self-destruct sequence soon after.

When an away team from the USS Enterprise-D investigated the crash, Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge became separated from the away team and stranded on the planet due to the fierce electrical storms on the surface. Geordi was ambushed and taken prisoner by Bochra. The crew launched a class-3 probe to locate Geordi, and when the planet's electromagenetic storms threatened both their lives, La Forge and Bochra worked together to contact the Enterprise-D. They were beamed up by the Enterprise-D and Bochra was transported to a warbird commanded by Commander Tomalak soon after. (TNG: "The Enemy")

Bochra was played by actor John Snyder.

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