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CCG: Introductory Two-Player Game

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CCG: Introductory Two-Player Game
CCG Introductory Two Player Game.jpg

Card image

Publisher: Decipher
Released: January 1997
Card size: 2½ x 3½
No. of cards: 29 (base set)
Cards per pack: 41
Packs per box: 1

This is a list of cards from the Introductory Two-Player Game, a series of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game: First Edition from Decipher.

The Introductory Two-Player Game was released in January of 1997. It was released in two customized sixty-card decks; one for the Federation and one for the Klingons. They integrated cards from previous sets as well as introducing new ones. These sets were introduced for new players to the game. Cards in this expansion pack have either a white or a black border. This is indicated after the card name.


  • Alien Labyrinth - white
  • Ferengi Attack - white
  • Hidden Entrance - white
  • Hunter Gangs - white
  • Malfunctioning Door - white
  • The Gatherers - white



  • A Good Place to Die - white
  • Avert Danger - white
  • Cargo Rendezvous - white
  • Distress Mission - white
  • Gault - white
  • Gravesworld - white
  • Homeward - white
  • Hostage Situation - white
  • Reopen Dig - white
  • Reported Activity - white
  • Sensitive Search - white
  • Survey Instability - white






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