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Author(s): Christie Golden
Publisher: Pocket Books
Series: Pocket VOY #19
Dark Matters #1
Published: 1 November 2000
Pages: 250
Stardate: Unknown (2376)
Reference(s): ISBN 0671035827 (paperback)
ISBN 0743422341 (eBook)
ASIN B0031OQ0TC (Kindle)

The beginning of a desperate crusade to preserve the entire universe!

Summary Edit

From the book jacket 
It is a scientific truth that the structure of the universe depends on the amount of "dark matter" contained in the cosmos. When sinister forces threaten to tamper with the very nature of reality, Captain Janeway and the crew of the USS Voyager must risk everything to restore the universal balance....
Years ago, near the beginning of its long journey, Voyager made contact with a brilliant Romulan scientist whose present was Voyager's past. Now Telek R'Mor communicates with Janeway again – to warn her of a dire plot to capture Voyager and turn its "future" technology against the Federation of yesterday. But more than just the timeline is at stake. Voyager itself may be carrying a menace deadly to all creation!

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Background Information Edit

Telek R'Mor

Telek R'Mor

Characters Edit

Kathryn Janeway
Telek R'Mor

References Edit

Dark matter
Romulan Star Empire
USS Voyager

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#18: Battle Lines Pocket VOY
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#20: Ghost Dance
First novel in series Dark Matters

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