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Gender: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Status: Deceased (2268)
Died: 2268
Played by: Geoffrey Binney
Comptons corpse.jpg

Compton's corpse

Compton's corpse

Compton was a crewman aboard the USS Enterprise serving under Captain James T. Kirk.

In 2268, Compton was a member of the landing party to the planet Scalos. While there, he was the first to experience the hyper-acceleration effects of the Scalosian water he was collecting. He was convinced by a Scalosian female to assist in their hijacking of the Enterprise. When Captain Kirk was attacked by a Scalosian while attempting to foil their plot, Compton had a change of heart and tried to protect him. While doing so, he was cut in the neck by Rael. The resulting cell damage caused Compton to rapidly age and die. This was due to the hyper-accelerated state he was in. When Kirk saw Compton's corpse, he said sadly, "He was so young." (TOS: "Wink of an Eye")

Compton was played by actor Geoffrey Binney.

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