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Demand of Honor

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(written from a Production point of view)
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Author(s): J. Andrew Keith
Illustrator(s): Lisa Kolek
Editor(s): Wm. John Wheeler
Publisher: FASA
Series: Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game
Production #: 2207
Published: 1984
Pages: 48
Reference: ISBN 0425069680
You may be looking for Demands of Honor, a novel in the Pocket Books series, Errand of Fury.


From the book jacket
Although the Federation and the Gorn Alliance have concluded a treaty, a band of renegade Gorn ships have been raiding Federation shipping. This threatens to jeopardize the peace. The Gorn have told Star Fleet the location of the planet where the renegades have their base. Your destroyer, the USS Hastings, has been dispatched to carry a Gorn Ambassador to meet with the renegades.
It seems like a normal mission, but the Ambassador turns out to be none other than the Gorn Captain who fought with Capt. James T. Kirk of the Enterprise. He brings aboard with him a squad of 'bodyguards.' Your security chief senses that something isn't quite right...


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