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Author(s): Vonda N. McIntyre
Publisher: Pocket Books
Series: Pocket TOS
Published: September 1986
Pages: 371
Stardate: 0000.5 (2265)
Reference(s): ISBN 0586073213
Audiobook (abridged)
Narrator: George Takei with Leonard Nimoy as the voice of Spock
Running Time: 90 minutes
(on 1 Cassette)
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Audioworks
Published: 15 March 1988
Reference(s): ISBN 0671629514 (cassette)
ASIN B0000547G5 (Audible)

Now, the untold story - Captain Kirk's First Mission!

Summary Edit

From the book jacket
James T. Kirk is the youngest man to be promoted to the rank of captain in Federation history. His crew consists of a first officer who finds him impetuous; a chief engineer who finds him arrogant; a chief medical officer who finds him trifling; and a helmsman who wants a transfer.
But the young crew, which would later become the legendary space explorers, quickly puts aside their differences when a monstrous starship appears on their nascent flight path.

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Memorable quotes Edit

"...and I know that Captain Kirk will find the Enterprise and its crew as faithful as I did."

- Christopher Pike

"No, he treats me like I'm fifteen. That's when he met me. He treats you like you're eight."

- Sam Kirk

"I believe that what Ms. Lukarian is trying to tell you is that you are a doctor, not a magician."

- Spock

"I do not control the worldship, James. I control the universe."

- Scarlet

Background information Edit

Cover gallery Edit

Characters Edit

James T. Kirk 
Leonard McCoy 
Montgomery Scott 
Lt. Commander.
Hikaru Sulu 
Janice Rand 
Christine Chapel
Gary Mitchell
Carol Marcus
Christopher Pike 
Captain, promoted to commodore.
Mark Piper 
Winona Kirk
Sam Kirk

Mentioned Edit

Philip Boyce
CMO of Starbase 32.
Captain of the Aerfen.
Captain Hunter previously appeared in "The Entropy Effect", also written by Vonda N. McIntyre.

References Edit

Starbase 13
Starbase 32

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