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Enterprise Incidents: The Technical Book of Science Fiction Films

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Author(s): John L. Flynn, et al.
Illustrator(s): Geoffrey Mandel
Publisher: New Media Publishing, Inc.
Published: October 1984
Pages: 56
Reference(s): ISBN none

Enterprise Incidents: The Technical Book of Science Fiction Films is, contrary to what the title suggests, not a technical manual in the usual sense in that it explores the in-universe technological aspects of various subjects. As a special edition of the magazine Enterprise Incidents, it was published by a Schuster & Schuster subsidiary, New Media Publishing, Inc., and was rather an unusual mix of how to make Star Trek films-era Starfleet uniforms and a collection of the Star Trek related design patent applications, tendered by Paramount Pictures in the years 1979-1982, beefed out with un-credited annotations. Six pages of blueprints from the Star Wars-franchise, done by Geoffrey Mandel, were also included at the end of the book.


  • Introduction, pp.5-6
  • Costume Design, pp.7-11
  • Design Patents, pp.12-48
  • Star Wars Blueprints, pp.49-55

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