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Praetor Hiren (2379)

Praetor Hiren (2379)
Gender: Male
Species: Romulan
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Occupation: Praetor
Status: Deceased (2379)
Died: 2379
Played by: Alan Dale
Hiren consumed by thalaron radiation.jpg

Praetor Hiren being consumed by Thalaron radiation (2379)

Praetor Hiren being consumed by Thalaron radiation (2379)

Hiren was the praetor of the Romulan Star Empire in the late 2370s. In 2379, Praetor Hiren rejected Commander Suran's proposal to join forces with Shinzon, and ordered the Reman insurgents to be suppressed by force. Shortly after, he and the Romulan Senate were assassinated by a thalaron radiation device planted by Senator Tal'aura. (Star Trek Nemesis)

Hiren was played by actor Alan Dale. According to the script, he was described as "a capable politician in his 50s."


This character is also featured in the novels After the Fall by Peter David, Vulcan's Soul: Epiphany by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz, as well as the computer game Star Trek: Starfleet Command III. He also has a cameo in David R. George III's Lost Era novel Serpents Among the Ruins, where he is an admiral in the Romulan fleet.

His mirror universe counterpart is featured in the novels Cutting Ties and Rise Like Lions as the deposed Romulan praetor in 2377.

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