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Kushell 2360

Kushell 2360
Gender: Male
Species: Straleb
Occupation: Leader of the Straleb people
Status: Active (2365)
Spouse(s): Benzan a son
Played by: Albert Stratton

Kushell was leader of the Straleb people in the early 2360s. He had one son, Benzan, who was set to replace him.

In 2365, he pursued Thadiun Okona, believing that he stole his family's heirloom, the Jewel of Thesia. When Okona was aboard the USS Enterprise-D after his ship became disabled, Kushell demanded that Okona be turned over to him. At the same time, Debin wanted Okona, who he believed had impregnated his daughter, Yanar.

After beaming over to the Enterprise-D to discuss the matter, Kushell's son admitted he was the father of Yanar's child and that he had stolen the jewel to give to Yanar, who he wished to marry. However, because the families had been in a life-long feud, Okona acted as Benzan and Yanar's go-between. With that matter resolved, Kushell again began arguing with Debin, this time as to where their grandchild would be raised. (TNG: "The Outrageous Okona")

Kushell was played by Albert Stratton.

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