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Laneth's starship

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Laneth's starship
Laneths bird-of-prey, forward.jpg

Forward view

Forward view
Affiliation: Klingon Empire
Type: Warship
Active: 22nd century
Armament: Disruptors
Laneths bird-of-prey, aft.jpg

Aft view

Aft view

Laneth's starship was a type of small Klingon warship commanded by Klingon Augment, Lieutenant Laneth. It was armed with disruptors.

In 2154, Laneth's starship attacked and destroyed the Rigelian freighter that kidnapped Phlox from Earth. The ship then transported Phlox to the Qu'Vat colony.

Later, Laneth's starship engaged Enterprise, which was analyzing the freighter's debris. During the engagement, a boarding party was dispatched, and planted a computer virus on board the Enterprise. In the process of the raid, one of Laneth's crewmembers, Marab, was captured while attempting to return his ship. (ENT: "Affliction", "Divergence")

This CGI model, which bears the familiar design of a Bird-of-Prey, was designed by John Eaves.

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