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Leslie Shatner, Miri an Only

Leslie Carol Shatner (born 31 August 1958; age 56) played an unnamed Only in TOS: "Miri". She is the eldest daughter of actor William Shatner, and sister of Melanie and Lisabeth Shatner.

Trivia Edit

  • Lieutenant Leslie, played by actor Eddie Paskey, was named for her.
  • Together the letters from the names of the three sisters were used to make up the name Mr. Lemli, as well as Shatner's Lemli Productions Inc..
  • The Star Trek Encyclopedia incorrectly lists Leslie's younger sister Melanie as the "girl in the black lace dress" in TOS: "Miri", however, that girl is actually not one of Shatner's daughters and Melanie wasn't in "Miri" because she was only two years old at the time.

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