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Lucille Davenport

Lucille Davenport
Gender: Female
Species: Human
From: Janeway Lambda one
Occupation: Governess
Portrayed by: Kathryn Janeway
Played by: Kate Mulgrew

Lucille Davenport was a holonovel character in an English gothic romance story. Captain Kathryn Janeway liked to play her on the holodeck of USS Voyager. Mrs. Davenport was a woman hired to work as a governess for Lord Burleigh's children. She had to contend with Mrs. Templeton who made life difficult for Janeway's character and at one point tried to kill her. Lucille was not allowed to go to certain sections of the house especially the fourth floor which was Lord Burleigh wife's room before she died. His children proved difficult to deal with also. Lord Burleigh fell in love with her and attempted to seduce her.

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