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Lieutenant McNary

Species: Hologram
Appearance: Human Male
Holoprogram: The Big Good-Bye
Creator: Tracy Tormé, Broht & Forrester
Original purpose: Holonovel
Occupation: Police Detective
Spouse(s): Sharon McNary
Children: at least two
Played by: Gary Armagnac

McNary was a fictional character in the Dixon Hill series of holonovels.

He was a police detective for the SFPD and had been a friend of the main character, Dixon Hill, for ten years. When Hill was accused of the murder of Jessica Bradley, McNary tried to protect Hill from Lt. Dan Bell who accused him of the murder. When he went to see Hill at his office he was captured by Cyrus Redblock and his henchman. When Redblock and his partner were eliminated when they tried to leave the holodeck, and the program was ending, McNary wanted to know if his world would still exist, if his wife and kids would still be waiting for him. Hill (Picard) said he did not know. (TNG: "The Big Goodbye")

McNary was portrayed by Gary Armagnac.

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