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These templates are for use in "meta" articles in the Memory Alpha: namespace. Their primary purpose is to conserve disk space by not saving the same blocks of text repeatedly (for high-turnover pages such as pages for deletion).

Meta page headers and footers

Name Current Text
{{description-pna}} See link for text.
{{FANoms}} See link for text.
{{FARecons}} See link for text.
{{ifd}} See link for text.
{{pci}} See link for text.
{{PfID}} See link for text.
{{refdesk}} See link for text.
{{RP}} See link for text.
{{sandbox}} See link for text.
{{tenforward}} See link for text.

Main page content

Name Current Text
{{Unwrittentopics}} Kevin CrossJim Rider‏‎Joshua D. RoseMichael StetsonEddie RobisonEllen Powell[edit]
{{Featured article}}

Featured article

Template:Featured article/Meta templates

{{Did You Know}}

Did You Know?

This page lists Did You Know templates that are included on the portal pages – to edit one of the templates, use an "edit this entry" link. Please make sure...

  • ...that each entry starts as if "Did you know " was at the beginning of the first sentence, and is formed as a question.
  • ...that information presented here is also available in at least one of our articles and
  • ...that this article is linked in the entry.
  • ...that each template covers only one subject and
  • ...that all entries for People, Society & Culture, Science, Technology, and the Alternate Reality are written from an in-universe POV, while the entries for Star Trek, TV & films, and Merchandise are written from a production POV.


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[[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/01|1]] [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/02|2]] [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/03|3]] [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/04|4]] [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/05|5]] [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/06|6]] [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/07|7]] [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/08|8]] [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/09|9]] [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/10|10]] Expression error: Unexpected >= operator.


• [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/01|edit this entry]]


• [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/02|edit this entry]]


• [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/03|edit this entry]]


• [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/04|edit this entry]]


• [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/05|edit this entry]]


• [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/06|edit this entry]]


• [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/07|edit this entry]]


• [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/08|edit this entry]]


• [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/09|edit this entry]]


• [[Template:DYK/{{{1}}}/10|edit this entry]]

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USS Enterprise-D, warp core breach

The journey ends for the USS Enterprise-D.

The journey ends for the USS Enterprise-D(Star Trek Generations)
{{Today cell}}
Today is
Aug 2015


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