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As one of our first "list categories", Category:Sectors has been accepted by the community. This means that this category should be added to every "sector article" (add [[Category:Sectors]] at the end), starting with all articles on this list.

Attention: For proper sorting, a sort key should be used for "numbered" sectors. If the sector is a numbered sector (for example, Sector 63), only use the number as the sort key (Example: [[Category:Sectors|63]]).

Please don't remove any entries from the list at this point. -- Cid Highwind 00:31, 2005 Jan 2 (CET)

Note: All existing articles listed were categorized. -- Cid Highwind 00:56, 2005 Jan 2 (CET)

And now...?Edit

This list is the first that has been converted into a category as far as possible - all existing sector articles appearing on this list are now listed on Category:Sectors. What do we do now? There are several options:

  1. Delete - Simply delete this article, possibly create a redirect to the category page.
  2. Keep&Maintain - Continue this list as before.
  3. Move&Keep non-existing - Remove existing articles and keep this as a "Todo"-list, perhaps at Memory Alpha:List of unwritten sector articles or some similar title.

I would personally prefer the third option - deleting would break the connection to all unwritten articles, keeping seems to be too much trouble if we already have the category. What do you think? -- Cid Highwind 15:26, 2005 Jan 2 (CET)

  • Option 3. The only thing a category can't do is list unwritten articles, and we need those to stimulate growth. -- Harry 18:12, 3 Jan 2005 (CET)
  • I support option 3 as well. Though existing links to "List of sectors" should probably be redirected to the category instead so that this isn't the main "sectors" page. -- EtaPiscium 22:20, 3 Jan 2005 (CET)

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