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Mevak, Sons of Mogh

A bloody mevak.

The mevak was a traditional Klingon knife used in such rituals as the Mauk-to'Vor. (DS9: "Sons of Mogh")

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This blade was also seen in "Real Life", only in that episode it was called a kut'luch, which was itself introduced in TNG: "Sins of the Father" and had a very different appearance.

Mauk-to'Vor knife concept art

John Eaves' sketch of mevak knife

The mevak was designed by illustrator John Eaves. Because the screenplay of "Sons of Mogh" didn't specify any particular design type, Eaves was allowed a free hand in creating the blade, and he ultimately designed it with two separated blades - one for extinguishing the physical life, one for freeing the soul to allow it to travel to Sto-vo-kor. (Deep Space Nine Sketchbook: John Eaves, DS9 Season 4 DVD special features)

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