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Augris, a Mokra male (2372)
Mokra guard, Irving E Lewis.jpg
An unnamed Mokra male (2372)
The Mokra were a humanoid civilization living in the Delta Quadrant.

There were many factions on their homeworld, such as the Mokra Order and the Alsaurian resistance.

The USS Voyager became unwillingly involved in a conflict with the Mokra in 2372 while trying to acquire some supplies from a trader that Neelix was familiar with on the planet.

Tuvok and B'Elanna Torres were arrested, and imprisoned by the Mokra government, and Voyager was threatened and fired upon after Chakotay tried to locate Captain Janeway on the planet's surface.

The Mokra government functioned as a military police state and were not above torturing their prisoners. Tuvok was subjected to Mokra torture, and despite his Vulcan ability to resist pain he was made to scream several times as a result of the intensity of the torture. (VOY: "Resistance")

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