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Nausicaan raider

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Nausicaan raider
Nausicaan ship above.jpg

Dorsal view

Dorsal view
Affiliation: Nausicaan pirates
Active: 22nd century
Armament: Plasma cannons
Defenses: Deflector shields
Nausicaan ship weapons.jpg

Vessel of the class, firing forward plasma cannons

Vessel of the class, firing forward plasma cannons

Nausicaan raiders were vessels employed by Nausicaan pirates during the mid-22nd century for raiding freighter routes.

These vessels are armed with forward and aft plasma cannons and possessed primitive shields. Although their weapons were considered formidable to a Y class freighter, Nausicaan raiders were outmatched by Template:ShipClass starships, whose spatial torpedoes were capable of piercing Nausicaan shields.

Three of these vessels, operating out of an asteroid base, attacked the ECS Fortunate and raided its cargo for a period of several months during 2151. Fortunately, the Starfleet vessel Enterprise was able to offer assistance during that year. (ENT: "Fortunate Son")

These vessels could presumably travel faster than warp 1.8, the maximum speed of the Fortunate, for them to be able to constantly locate, track, attack, and raid said vessel over an extended period of time.

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