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You may be looking for the more distant New Berlin colony.
Clare Raymond family tree, remastered 03

New Berlin on the Raymond family tree

New Berlin was a city on Luna. The colony was founded sometime prior to 2069, as Jonathan Archer mentioned it existed prior to the launch of the SS Conestoga. (ENT: "Terra Nova", TNG-R: "The Neutral Zone", okudagram)

In the 22nd century, Neil Wray Raymond and Michael Brown Raymond were born in this city. (TNG-R: "The Neutral Zone", okudagram)

After Jonathan Archer's girlfriend Caroline moved to New Berlin, he became drunk at the 602 Club.

In 2143, New Berlin detected the NX-Beta, an early warp ship, leaving Earth's orbit for an unauthorized flight piloted by Jonathan Archer and A.G. Robinson, so then-Commodore Maxwell Forrest could witness the ship achieving warp 2.5. (ENT: "First Flight")

In the 23rd century, Angelo Dante Raymond and Scott Sendfonte Raymond were born in this city. (TNG-R: "The Neutral Zone", okudagram)

By 2373, New Berlin was large enough to be seen from Earth in the daytime, since Commander William T. Riker missed the familiar sight of the city while looking at the Moon during his mission to the year 2063. (Star Trek: First Contact)

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The city appears to be named after Berlin (capital of Germany), a major city on Earth.

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