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Nicky the Nose

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Nicky the Nose
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Nicky the Nose

Species: Hologram
Appearance: Human Male
Holoprogram: The Big Good-Bye
Creator: Tracy Tormé, Broht & Forrester
Original purpose: Holonovel
Occupation: Gangster
Played by: Don Stark

Nicky the Nose, a character from chapter 13 of the holographic novel The Big Good-Bye of the Dixon Hill series, was a gangster with whom Dixon Hill apparently had some business in the past. His unusual nickname was derived from the fact that he had been fitted with a metallic prosthetic nose after the real one had been shot off.

While running the holographic program on the holosuite of the USS Enterprise-E, Jean-Luc Picard and Lily Sloane searched for Nicky, knowing his henchman had a machine gun. Nicky was found smoking a cigarette, surrounded by his henchman and two girls. (Star Trek: First Contact)

Nicky the Nose was played by Don Stark.

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