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Orion interceptor

Two vessels of the class, in formation

Two vessels of the class, in formation
Affiliation: Orion Syndicate
Type: Interceptor
Active: 22nd century
Armament: Particle cannon
Orion interceptor firing particle cannon.jpg

Firing particle cannon

Firing particle cannon
Orion interceptors firing on Enterprise.jpg

Attacking Enterprise

Attacking Enterprise

Orion interceptors were fast, moderately-armed starships used by the Orion Syndicate during the 22nd century.

Technical dataEdit

The exterior design of this class's hull was hawk-like in appearance, incorporating swept wings positioned at the aft of the vessel, with a beak-like forward section.

The interceptor's armaments included at least one particle cannon mounted on the underside of the hull. The vessel was also equipped with a transporter. (ENT: "Borderland")


Knowledge of this starship class was contained in the Vulcan database, but the class remained unknown to Starfleet until May of 2154, when two Orion interceptors attacked and raided the Enterprise NX-01. The two interceptors quickly caught and ambushed Enterprise in the Borderland as it was searching for an Augment-controlled Bird-of-Prey. Using their transporter, the Orions were able to abduct nine crewmen from Enterprise, including T'Pol and Jeffrey Pierce, before their escape.

Later, two interceptors again engaged Enterprise, following its rescue of the abducted crewmembers from Verex III. They caused moderate damage to Enterprise before the Augments arrived in their commandeered Bird-of-Prey and forced both of the interceptors to retreat. (ENT: "Borderland")

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