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Osaarian merchant ship

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Osaarian merchant ship
Osaarian merchant ship.jpg

Forward dorsal view

Forward dorsal view
Affiliation: Osaarian merchant fleet
Active: 22nd century
Armament: Particle beam emitters
Osaarian merchant ship, aft.jpg

Aft view

Aft view

An Osaarian merchant ship was a type of starship utilized as part of the Osaarian merchant fleet during the mid-22nd century.

This class of vessel was heavily armed, possessing at least two forward particle beam emitters. The hull of this class of vessel is constructed of polyduranium.

Prior to 2153, two Osaarian merchant ships entered the Delphic Expanse, looking for new trade routes. While in the Expanse, the ships were hit by a distortion wave, causing the crews to decide to return home. One of the ship's was destroyed trying to return through the thermobaric cloud perimeter. The second ship remained in the Expanse, and the crew was forced to turn to piracy to survive. (ENT: "Anomaly")

The Osaarian merchant ship was designed by John Eaves based on a upside down mini shovel he kept on his desk. Early sketches described it as a "Maurader Attack Vessel" [sic] and a "Ktarian maurader" [sic]. The CGI model was rendered by Pierre Drolet. [1]

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