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Guy Vardaman

Guy Vardaman

Guy Vardaman is a stand-in performer who often appeared in the role of Darien Wallace on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also served as photo double for Data during the majority of the show's run, from the first season's "The Big Goodbye" through the final episode, as well as for Star Trek Generations. Additionally, he was a Research Consultant for the show's creator, Gene Roddenberry.

Hailing from Glendale, California, Vardaman spent a good part of his life in San Jose. He grew up watching Star Trek: The Original Series, becoming a huge fan of the series. He never dreamed that he would become a part of the Star Trek universe himself.

To support himself while he was in school, Vardaman joined the Screen Extras Guild to acquire a part-time job. Less than two weeks later, while signing up with casting, he was spotted and approached for a job on Star Trek: The Next Generation. As it turns out, the man originally approached for the job was unavailable, prompting the need for a replacement. Despite some initial reluctance from the wardrobe department, Vardaman was fitted with an operations yellow Starfleet uniform and reported for work the following day.
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Did You Know that Majel Barrett, in order to ease tensions between Star Trek and Babylon 5 fans, made a guest appearance on the latter as the former Centauri empress?


Today in Trek history

Today is
Jul 2015
Yvette Blais (Ray Ellis) is born.
Bob Orrison is born.
Dennis Tracy is born.
Dey Young is born.
Eighth (and last) day of filming on TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before". Kirk and Mitchell's confrontation on Delta Vega is filmed today. Lucille Ball organizes a big wrap party at the studio after the filming ends.
Seventh (and last) day of filming on TOS: "Balance of Terror".
First day of filming on TOS: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?".
Revised story outline submitted for the undeveloped Original Series episode "The Squaw" by Shimon Wincelberg.
Fourth day of filming on TOS: "Mirror, Mirror". The transporter room scenes are filmed today.
Desilu is officially bought by Gulf+Western, which soon merge it with Paramount Pictures.
Chad Zimmerman is born.
The Thirty-Sixth UK Story Arc continues in Valiant & TV21 #96 with the sixth of sixteen installments.
Second day of filming on TNG: "Haven". Majel Barrett's first scenes as Lwaxana Troi are filmed today.
Sixth day of filming on DS9: "The Search, Part II". The scenes at Quark's Bar are filmed today. Also, the crew of The Science of Star Trek visits the set.
Sixth day of filming on VOY: "Non Sequitur".
Final draft script for DS9: "Hippocratic Oath" is submitted.
First day of filming on DS9: "Afterimage".
Fourth day of filming on VOY: "Critical Care".
Sixth day of filming on ENT: "Extinction".
Eugene Roche dies.
Third day of filming on ENT: "Storm Front, Part II".
Pocket DS9 novel The Soul Key, by Olivia Woods, is released.

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