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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2318
2319 to Adam Lieberman
Adam Martoni to Alyssa Espinoza
Alyssa Ogawa to Appendix
Apperson's Asteroid to Automated Unit 6263
Automated fire system to Battle of Terok Nor
Battle of The Alamo to Biospectral analysis
Biospectral scan to Brian Demonbreun
Brian Donofrio to Cannibalism
Cannon to Chad Stewart
Chad Struck to Chula
Chulak to Condition green
Condition grey to Cytraxian cricket
Czar to David Oliver
David Opatoshu to Derek Magyar
Derek McGrath to Douglas Rowe
Douglas S. Cramer to El Cerrito
El Mirage Dry Lake Bed to Erin Cummings
Erin Davis to Felix Silla
Felker City to Frank T. Smathers
Frank Welker to General Order 24
General Order 4 to Gray Municipality (Nel III)
Gray mode to Headgear
Heading to Human-Romulan history
Human Error to Inspection pod
Inspector to James Louis Watkins
James Lozano to Jim Lau
Jim Lee to Josiah
Jossen to Katy E. Garretson
Katyllian clove to Klingon emperor
Klingon escape pod to Laser pulse system
Laser scalpel to Livingston (disambiguation)
Livinius to Magnetic pulse weapon
Magnetic quench to Marty Davis
Marty Hornstein to Merik III
Merikus to Miranda class model
Miranda type escape pod to NCC-71832
NCC-73918 to Night blooming Throgni
Night blooming throgni to Omicron colony
Omicron colony personnel to Parson
Parsons to Phil Nee Nee
Phil Norwood to Precognitive skill
Predator class to RCS
RCS inverter to Reports
Repressed memory to Robert M. April
Robert M. Pinaha to SS K.E. Tsiolkovskiy
SS Kogin to Second Dynasty
Second Empire to Shirkar Academy
Shirley Bonne to Spaceport Alpha Carinae II
Spaceport Jonathan (W) to Star Trek: Second Stage
Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury to Star Trek Action Pack
Star Trek Action Toy Book to Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program
Starfleet Academy Training Command Line Officer Requirements to Styris IV
Styrolite to TNG Season 7 Blu-ray
TNG Season 7 DVD to Temporal communicator
Temporal compensator to The Heart of the Warrior
The Hero Factor to Theta Bowles
Theta Curry to Torak (Governor)
Torak (mythology) to Twelfth Order
Twelfth UK Story Arc to USS Thomas Paine
USS Thunderchild to Up The Long Ladder (episode)
Up Till Now: The Autobiography to Vori language
Vorian pterodactyl to Wikki fruit sundae
Wil to Zayra Cabot
Zayra Cabot (Civilian) to К. Э. Циолковский

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