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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2252
2253 to Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein to Alien abduction
Alien in male Romulan form to Ann Goobie
Ann H. Gillespie to Artemis
Arterial occlusion to Bajor-B'hava'el
Bajor-Cardassia Treaty to Benito Martinez
Benjamin to Blood Fever (episode)
Blood Oath to Brian Reber
Brian Reddy to Camille Argus
Camille Calvet to Celebium
Celebium shielding to Chris O'Hara
Chris Ogden to Cold Fire
Cold Fire (episode) to Crab roll
Cracker to Dan Taylor
Dan Wallin to Debbie Schwab
Debbie Schwab (Starfleet) to Diagnostic
Diagnostic Program Alpha-11 to Dreadnought (disambiguation)
Dreadnought (episode) to El Aurian
El Baz to Erfan Fajar
Erib to Federal Employment Act
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Building to Fool's Gold, Issue 4
Foolie to Gamma (Jem'Hadar)
Gamma 400 system to Giordana Noa
Giordana Noa Raymond to Guillotine
Guinan to Herb Wright (Starfleet)
Herbal tea to Hyper-subspace communications
HyperPro PC to Interfold layer
Interlink frequency to James Gruzal
James Gunn to Jerry M. Wolfe
Jerry Oltion to Jon Braver
Jon Bruegl to Kalandan supply ship
Kalandra to Kevin J. Ryan
Kevin Killiany to Kristanna S. Loken
Kristen to Leigh J. McCloskey
Leigh McCloskey to Lorenze Cluster
Lorenzo James Henrie to Makee K. Blaisdell
Maker to Marty Brenneis
Marty Church to Memory Alpha personnel
Memory Delta to Mildred Natwick
Mile to Muk
Muktok plant to Nestor
Net to Nucleogenic particles
Nucleon to Orion interceptor
Orion marauder to Paul Baxley
Paul Bogrow to Phyllis Corcoran-Woods
Phyllis Douglas to Press-up
Pressure to R. Dixon
R. Dominguez to Rekelen
Rekja to Riska's species
Riskian cheese pastry to Rota
Rotarran to Sarina
Sarina Douglas to Septal area
September to Single-celled organism
Single malt to Spike Steingasser
Spike TV to Star Trek: The Animated Series (LaserDisc)
Star Trek: The Animated Series (VHS) to Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special (LaserDisc)
Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special (VHS) to Starbase 295
Starbase 301 to Stomach
Stompie to Symbalene blood burn
Symbiogenesis to Targe
Target: Mudd! to The Aenar
The Aenar (episode) to The Physiology of Taste
The Pilot to Thousands of years ago
Thrall to Toy
Toya to Twisted
Twisted (episode) to USS Robert Louis Stevenson
USS Roosevelt to Unnamed Taresians
Unnamed Tarkaleans to Viet Troung
Vietnamese pork to Washington DC
Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Award to Xanthras III
Xanthras system to К. Э. Циолковский

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