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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2286
2287 to Accelerated critical neural pathway formation
Acceleration thruster to Alpha (Jem'Hadar)
Alpha 177 to Anthony Winn
Anthony Zerbe to Astrogation (course)
Astrogation plotter to Banned in Phoenix
Bantaca to Beta system
Betamax to Booster modulator
Booster rocket to Buffy
Buggy to Cardassian uniform
Cardassian vole to Charnock's Comedy Cabaret holograms
Charon to Class 7
Class 7 gas giant to Contractor
Control to D. Gabrielle
D. Gluck to David Powell (24th century)
David Q. Combs to Denton Tipton
Denubian Alps to Doric
Doris Atkins to EdenFX
Eden FX to Enterprise shuttle 4
Enterprise shuttle 5 to Fascism
Fascist to Flow sensor
Flower to Galor IV
Galor class to Ginger
Ginger (hologram) to Gum
Gumato to Hero Worship (episode)
Heroes to I, Enterprise! Part 1
I, Enterprise! Part 2 to Intrepid class model
Intrepid type to Jamie McShane
Jamie Thomas to Jim Wilkey
Jim Wolvington to Joshua Greene
Joshua Harris to Kathi Ferguson
Kathie Brown to Klach D'Kel Brakt
Klach D'kel Brakt to Lalande 21185
Lama to Lillian
Lillian Evans to M. March
M. McCahill to Marianne Lewis
Mariano Nicieza to May 2014
May 2015 to Michael Webb
Michael Welch to Moo goo gai pan
Mood-o-meter to Natural Law
Natural Law (episode) to Norellus
Norep to Optical nerve
Optical transducer to Pat Jankiewicz
Pat Kehoe to Philip Weyland
Phillip Boutte, Jr. to Praxis
Praxiteles to R.A. Jones
R.A. Rondell to Rekag battle cruiser
Rekag shuttle to Rivals Part 2
Rivals The Conclusion to Ruby (gemstone)
Rudellian brain fever to Scharn
Schedule to Seven
Seven Deadly Sins to Slingshot effect
Slip to Stapes
Staphylococcus to Star Trek: The Next Generation - Log 3
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Log 4 to Star Trek Logs Three and Four
Star Trek MMORPG to Starfleet uniform (mid 23rd century-2265)
Starfleet uniform (mirror) to Subspace harmonic monitor
Subspace implosion to Taar's Marauder
Tab to Temporal inversion fold
Temporal lobe to The Gigolo
The Globe Illustrated Shakespeare to Theodore Brahms
Theodore Haskins to Tom Talley
Tom Todoroff to Trionic initiator
Trionium to USS Hathaway
USS Hathaway dedication plaque to Unnamed Klingon military personnel (22nd century)
Unnamed Klingon military personnel (23rd century) to Vermont
Vermouth to Warp core assembly
Warp core breach to Wormhole effect
Wormhole relay station to К. Э. Циолковский

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