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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2317
2318 to Adam Martony
Adam Nimoy to Alyssa Weisberg
Alzen to Apologist
Apothecary to Auto-suture
Autodestruct to Battle of Tau Ceti
Battle of Terok Nor to Biospectral scan
Biosphere to Brian Alan Lane
Brian Andrew-Tunstall to Canamar (episode)
Canapé to Cervaline
Cervantes fusion explosive to Chrono deflector
Chronodeflector to Compressed teryon beam weapon
Compressed tetryon beam to Customs inspector
Cutlass to David Ghilardi
David Gibbs to Dennis McCarthey
Dennis McCarthy to Dorothy C. Fontana
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to Edward J. Lasko
Edward J. Paskey to Equator
Equatorial islands to Federation Founding Ceremony
Federation Grand Jury to Foster (stand-in)
Foster City to Gary Pillar
Gary Schwartz to Graham (Crewman)
Graham (Ensign) to Harlan Ellison's The City on the Edge of Forever, Issue 5
Harlem to Honor Bound!
Honor detachment to Impulse nacelle
Impulse pack to Jack Murdock
Jack Nesvig to Jennifer Edwards
Jennifer Ferdinand to Jolene Kay
Jolietville to Kantare supply ship
Kantare transport to Kim Thio
Kim Thompson to La donna e mobile
La donna è mobile to Ligorian mastodon
Ligos VII to M32
M33 to Mark Buckingham
Mark Bussan to Medical log
Medical log, Deep Space 9 to Mike DeCarlo
Mike DeLepine to Mudd's Angels
Mudd's Magic! to Neuro-depolarizing device
Neuro-electric energy to Obatta Cluster
Obelisk to Pablo Raimondi
Pablo Soriano to Perimeter field charge
Perimeter grid to Pod 2
Pod jettison system to Q
Q&A to Reclaw
Reconnaissance probe to Rick Zettner
Rick Zettner & Associates, Inc. to Rope
Rorg to Satellite
Satellite Award to Service chute
Service crawlway to Small World
Small arms recalibration to Star Trek: Adventure Gaming in the Final Frontier
Star Trek: Alien Domain to Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine issue 12
Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine issue 13 to Star Trek Monthly issue 6
Star Trek Monthly issue 60 to Stephen Hudis
Stephen James Carver to Survey mission
Survey ship to Tang Nguyen
Tango to The Adversary (episode)
The Aenar to The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2
The Robot Masters to Time's Orphan
Time's Orphan (episode) to Trash exhaust
Traumatic Stress Syndrome to USS Endeavour (alternate reality)
USS Endeavour (disambiguation) to Unnamed Andorians
Unnamed Andorians (22nd century) to Vedek Assembly
Veer to Walter Koenig
Walter M. Jefferies to World Building
World Cup to К. Э. Циолковский

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