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Star Trek: Official Guide 1 - Star Trek The Next Generation

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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)
Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)
Cover Star Trek Official Guide 1 - Star Trek The Next Generation first edition without obi (wrapper) 1995.jpg

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Author(s): Dullmax
Publisher: Bunkasha (softcover in dustjacket)
Published: December 1995
14 June 2002 (2nd edition)
Pages: 173
208 (2nd Edition)
Reference(s): ISBN 4821105179
ISBN 4821107503 (2nd Edition)

Star Trek: Official Guide 1 - Star Trek The Next Generation was the very first outing in the Japanese language Official Guides-series from publisher Bunkasha, covering the spin-off television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Written by the publisher's own editorial bureau, Dullmax, it was a combination of Pocket Books' Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual and the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, the style of which having been adopted for this release. Unlike its source material, the Japanese version was released as a high quality edition, i.e. high grade glossy paper with full color reproduction of images.

First released in 1995, a second edition was published seven years later, though all references of it belonging to the Official Guide-series were dropped. That edition was slightly expanded and updated to include some preliminary information on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager as well, they, to be more thoroughly covered in the follow-up release in the series.


note: contents from 2nd Edition
  • Introduction
  • Main Character Database, p. 5-62
  • Database Guide, pp. 63-82
  • Tecnnical Guide, pp. 83-99
  • Intermission 001, p. 100
  • The Spin-off Series, pp. 101-109
  • Intermission 002, p. 110
  • Auction Pictures, pp. 111-141
  • Intermission 003, p. 142
  • Story Line, pp. 143-172
  • Making of Star Trek, pp. 173-177
  • Intermission 004, p. 178
  • The Next Generation Episode Guide, pp. 179-end

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