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Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 8

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Star Trek The Magazine volume 2 issue 8 cover 1.jpg

Primary cover image

Publication: Star Trek: The Magazine
Issue: Volume 2, Issue 8
Publisher: Fabbri Publishing (US)
Cover date: December 2001
Pages: 112
Star Trek The Magazine volume 2 issue 8 cover 2.jpg

Alternate cover image

December 2001 "Special Issue", coming in two alternate covers and covering both Star Trek: The Motion Picture as well as the 2001 "Director's Edition" DVD.



  • Finishing the Movie, pp. 12-13
  • Spock and Xon, pp. 27-28
  • Persis Khambatta, pp. 29-30
    • The late actress who brought Lt. Ilia to life.
  • The Memory Wall, pp. 88-89
    • A sequence deleted from the movie
  • The Props, pp. 100-101
  • Collectables, p. 109
  • Star Trek Stories: Tell Montgomery Scott What To Do!, p. 112
    • Teaching a legend to fly - James Doohan pilots the shuttlepod


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