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Star Trek: The Next Generation, Volume One

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Encounter at Farpoint soundtrack cover.jpg

CD album cover

CD album cover
Composer(s): Dennis McCarthy
Additional Music by: Jerry Goldsmith
Label: GNP Crescendo Records
Released: 1988
Length: 36:21
Reference(s): GNPD 8012
For the similarly-titled collection from La-La Land Records, see Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection, Volume One.

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Volume One was the first soundtrack release from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Released by GNP Crescendo Records in 1988, it featured the score of the two-part premiere episode, "Encounter at Farpoint".

Track list Edit

# Title/Runtime
1 Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title*† (1:45)
2 Stardate (1:43)
3 Troi Senses (1:42)
4 Picard's Plan*/First Chase*/First Chase (part 2)* (2:41)
5 Detaching*/Separation*‡ (2:41)
6 Shaken/Court Time/There Goes Da Judge (2:29)
7 USS Hood/On Manual (3:18)
8 Star Trek: The Next Generation End Credit† (1:03)
9 Personal Log*/Admiral/Old Lovers (2:24)
10 Caverns* (1:27)
11 Splashing‡/The Woods/Memories* (2:45)
12 Scanned/Big Guns/Unknown (3:04)
13 Revealed/Reaching Out (4:39)
14 Departure* (1:07)
15 Main Title #2 (alternate main title)*‡ (1:43)
Total running time: 36:21
* - Contains "Theme from Star Trek TV Series" composed by Alexander Courage.
† - Contains "Theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture" composed by Jerry Goldsmith.
‡ - Written and recorded for, but not contained in episode

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