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Star Trek 25th Anniversary Magazine

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25 years of Star Trek Starlog Collector's Edition.jpg

25 years of Star Trek

25 years of Star Trek
Author(s): Carmen Carter, A.C. Crispin,J.M. Dillard,Robert Greenberger,Howard Weinstein with Peter David
Illustrator(s): John Kelly,Yvonne Jang with Nevin Washington
Publisher: Starlog
Published: 1 May 1991
(first edition)
Pages: 97 (first edition)
Reference(s): ISBN 0671869051
(first edition)
ISBN 0671536079
(second edition)
ISBN 0671034758
(third edition, hardback)
ISBN 0671536095
(third edition, softcover)

Star Trek 25th Anniversary Magazine was a special edition magazine published by Paramount Pictures and Starlog in 1991.

Back cover blurb Edit

  • An exclusive interview with Gene Roddenberry
  • First episode by episode detail of the Animated Series

Features Edit

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