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Carinae Delta - D Carinae? Edit

I thought I would add this here as this page has been suggested for deletion anyway and wanted to get people's thoughts. The page states there is no corresponding "real-life" star with a Delta notation located in the constellation Carina. However the system has been listed as Carinae Delta and not Delta Carinae. As Delta is in both the Greek and Phonetic alphabets and they have put Delta at the end rather than the beginning I would think that this was done to separate the non-existent Delta Carinae from the "real-life" star D Carinae which is around 542 ly from Earth. Delta Carinae is a term that could be given to Iota Carinae (which used to be Iota Argo Navis) (Delta Argo Navis is now Delta Velorum in the constellation of Vela). --Pete2831 (talk) 08:51, October 30, 2014 (UTC)

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