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Star Trek appearance?Edit

Party guest 7, Endgame

Christian Maguire?

I won't start to write this article because I am not sure he really appeared in "Endgame". He might have portrayed the boy on the picture but I cannot find any further info or image of him.

I've checked two of his appearances according to the IMDb profile. What I can definitly say: He was NOT in the 18 Wheels of Justice episode Past Imperfect (2001) and not in the Andromeda episode Exit Startegies (2001). I've checked both episodes and in both was no child! When the credit is right and he was born in 1991 he was 10 years old when he made these appearances. Any idea? Maybe anyone could check one of his other appearances (not the voice credits)? – Tom 14:13, 7 November 2008 (UTC)

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