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Usage Edit

This template is to help standardize messages to users regarding common faux pas on this site.

Example Edit

{{subst:edithint-pov}} — [[User:Morder|Morder]] ([[User talk:Morder|talk]]) 23:29, January 6, 2010 (UTC)

Point of view in articles Edit

Memory Alpha's primary point of view is that of a character inside the fictional Star Trek universe – an archivist at Memory Alpha, the Federation library planet. Because Star Trek stories take place in many different eras, from the beginnings of life on Earth to the 31st century and beyond, and because forthcoming stories may even expand beyond that, it is important to write all articles from a single perspective: i.e. that of someone looking back at the past. This helps to keep Memory Alpha consistent and understandable. Please read Memory Alpha:Point of view as there are a few exceptions to this rule. Thanks! - Archivist <timestamp>

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