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Usage Edit

For use on all role playing game book pages.

If more than one cover exists, a single image should go in the sidebar (either the most recent edition published or the most recognizable), the remainder - along with any audiobook covers - should be put into a subsection of the "Background information" labeled "Cover gallery".

{{sidebar rpg book
|image      = Cover image
|imagecap   = Image caption (default: "Cover image") and footer 
|Author     = Author(s) names
|Artist     = Illustrator(s) names
|Editor     = Editor(s) names (can be omitted)
|Publisher  = Publishing company
|Series     = RPG series
|Production = Production number
|Published  = Date of publication
|Pages      = Number of pages (if known)
|ISBN       = ISBN number (if available)

Example Edit


Cover image

Author(s): Colville, Hite & Long
Illustrator(s): Kieran Yanner
Editor(s): Janice Sellers
Publisher: Decipher
Series: Star Trek RPG
Production #: 1
Published: 2002
Pages: 256
Reference: ISBN 1582369003
{{sidebar rpg book
|image      = Decipher1.jpg 
|Author     = [[Mathew Colville|Colville]], [[Kenneth Hite|Hite]] & [[Steven S. Long|Long]]
|Artist     = [[Kieran Yanner]]
|Editor     = [[Janice Sellers]]
|Publisher  = [[Decipher]]
|Series     = [[Star Trek Roleplaying Game (Decipher)|Star Trek RPG]]
|Production = 1
|Published  = {{y|2002}} 
|Pages      = 256 
|ISBN       = 1582369003 

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