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The Folded World

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The Folded World cover.jpg

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Author(s): Jeff Mariotte
Artist(s): Doug Drexler, Ali Ries
Publisher: Pocket Books
Series: Pocket TOS
Published: 30 April 2013
Pages: 304
Stardate: Unknown (Unknown)
Reference(s): ISBN 1476702829 (paperback)
ISBN 9781476702841 (eBook)
ASIN B008J4I4IE (Kindle)

The Folded World is a Pocket TOS novel written by Jeff Mariotte.


Solicitation blurb
An original novel set in the universe of Star Trek: The Original Series!
En route to a diplomatic mission, the Enterprise receives a distress call from the USS McRaven. As the Enterprise approaches the area where the McRaven appears to be, the crew encounters an anomaly unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. Space itself seems inconsistent – warping, changing appearance. But during the brief periods of calm, they locate the McRaven – along with other ships of various origins, all tightly surrounding and being held in place by an enormous unidentified vessel....

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