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The Making of the Trek Films

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The Making of the Trek Films 1st edition.jpg

First edition cover

First edition cover
Publisher: Image Publishing
Boxtree (UK)
Editor(s): Edward Gross
Published: 1991
May 1992
March 1995
March 1995 (UK)
Pages: 162 (second edition)
172 (third edition)
Reference(s): ISBN none (1st edition)
ISBN 0962750891 (2nd edition, US)
ISBN 0685503356 (3rd edition, US)
ISBN 0752209736 (3rd edition, UK)

The Making of the Trek Films is an unauthorized reference book published in 1991 by Image Publishing and reprinted in 1992 (revised edition) and 1995. Each edition of the book covered the Star Trek films produced up to its point of publication; the first two editions covered the first six films, whereas the third edition added information about Star Trek Generations. The last edition was also released in the UK by Boxtree. The book was edited by Edward Gross and features contributions from writers Mark A. Altman, Kay Anderson, Dennis Fischer, Jean-Marc Lofficier, Randy Lofficier, Ron Magid, Wendy Rathbone, Tom Rogers, Marc Shapiro, Sheldon Teitelbaum, and Edward Gross himself.

The book is not an original piece of writing, but essentially an edited collection of articles written by the aforementioned authors that have appeared in periodicals like Cinefantastique, American Cinematographer and Enterprise Incidents, in the vast majority of the cases sans the original accompanying imagery. Some of the interview material in this book is identical to information from such publications as Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, and Charting the Undiscovered Country: The Making of Trek VI.


From the back cover (2nd edition)
Go behind the scenes on each of the Star Trek features: The Motion Picture, The Wrath of Khan, The Search For Spock, The Voyage Home, The Final Frontier, and The Undiscovered Country.
Featuring interviews with:
Gene Roddenberry - William Shatner - Leonard Nimoy - DeForest Kelley - James Doohan - George Takei - Walter Koenig - Nichelle Nichols - Stephen Collins - Persis Khambatta - Ricardo Montalban - Bibi Besch - Kirstie Alley - Merritt Butrick - Robin Curtis - Mark Lenard - Catherine Hicks - Lawrence Luckinbill - Harold Livingston - Alan Dean Foster - Dennis Clark - Jack Sowards - Steve Meerson - Peter Krikes - David Loughery - Robert Wise - Nicholas Meyer - Robert Sallin - Harve Bennett - Andrew Probert - The Special Effects Teams - and many more.
Learn the entire saga and read of the Star Trek films you never saw, including a version of Star Trek II that featured all of the elements of The Wrath of Khan with the exception of Khan; as well as the aborted Star Trek VI: Starfleet Academy, which would have been a prequel to the original series.
The 25th Anniversary celebration continues!
From the back cover (Boxtree edition)
Now completely revised, The Making of the Trek Films takes readers on a guided tour through the history of the Enterprise's cinematic voyages. From the first feature film, 1979's The Motion Picture through to the 1994 Next Generation debut, Generations, every Trek film is covered in the greatest depth.
Featuring interviews with: Gene Roddenberry - William Shatner - Leonard Nimoy - DeForest Kelley - James Doohan - George Takei - Walter Koenig - Nichelle Nichols - Ricardo Montalban - Kirstie Alley - Kim Cattrall - Robin Curtis - Lawrence Luckinbill - Catherine Hicks - Harold Livingston - Alan Dean Foster - Harve Bennett - Jack Sowards - Steve Meerson - Peter Krikes - David Loughery - Mark Rosenthal - Dennis Martin Flinn - Maurice Hurley - Ron Moore - Brannon Braga - Robert Wise - Nicholas Meyer - David Carson - Robert Sallin - The Special Effects Teams - Jonathan Frakes - LeVar Burton - Brent Spiner - Gates McFadden - Marina Sirtis - Michael Dorn - Patrick Stewart - and many more.
Learn the entire saga of the Trek adventures you never saw, including the Eddie Murphy version of The Voyage Home, the lost ending of The Final Frontier, the aborted Starfleet Academy, which would have been a prequel to the original series, and the proposed first meeting between Captains Kirk and Picard.
The Trek celebration continues!

Excerpts of copyrighted sources are included for review purposes only, without any intention of infringement.

Contents (2nd edition)

An Introduction

  • Road to the 23rd Century
  • The Press Conference
  • Gene Roddenberry, An Unpublished Interview
  • A Wise Move
  • The Script's the Thing, So Where Is It?

The Wrath of Khan: An Introduction

  • Project Genesis
  • The Search for Nimoy
  • The Scripts of Wrath
  • The Meyer Connection
  • F/X & Costumes
  • Production Design
  • Amazing Places
  • Spock's Ears
  • ILM Effects, Part II
  • Computer Imaging
  • The Score
  • "He's Dead, Jim"
  • Commenting on Khan

Beginning the Search

  • Starship Security
  • Dressing Up the Search Party
  • Designing the Search
  • The Search for Genesis
  • Exit: Stage 15
  • Shooting Spock
  • A Fruitful Search

The Voyage Begins

  • Penning The Voyage Home
  • Blue Skies & Star Fields (originally: "Blue Skies and Starfields", Ron Magid, American Cinematographer, December 1986, pp.2-74)
  • Eye of the F/X Storm
  • "There Be Whales Here"
  • Beams Up & Warp Drives
  • Splitting the Red Sea... Almost
  • Bringing The Voyage Home

Captain's Log: The Final Frontier

  • The Final Screenplay...?
  • Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy
  • F/X in The Final Frontier (originally: "Effects for Trek V Explore Uncharted Territory", Ron Magid, American Cinematographer, July 1989, pp. 76-92)
  • "Hi, Bones. Mind If We Drop In?"
  • Props & Make-Up
  • Singin' the F/X Blues
  • Oh, God!
  • The Lost Ending
  • Summing Up The Final Frontier

The Undiscovered Star Trek VI

  • The Undiscovered Country


  • Appendix 1: Gene Roddenberry, 25 Years Later
  • Appendix 2: The Bennett Years
  • Appendix 3: Star Guests
  • Appendix 4: The Unfilmed Star Trek II

Background information

The cover of the first two editions was an especially made painting by Andrew Probert, originally for the fanzine Enterprise Incidents, Issue 11, 1982.[1]

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