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Atmospheric dome
Internment camp 371

Internment Camp 371 penal asteroid

Baxial bridge

Baxial, The chute Abaddons Repository


Jupiter Station in orbit of Jupiter in 2376

Troi and Haley Jupiter station

Breen warship
Breen warship fore.jpg

Forward view

Forward view
Affiliation: Breen Confederacy
Type: Warship
Active: 24th century
Armament: Energy dissipators, torpedoes, phasers
Breen warship at warp.jpg

Dorsal view, at warp

Dorsal view, at warp
Breen warship, ventral.jpg

Ventral view

Ventral view
USS Equinox, dorsal aft.jpg

Dorsal aft view

Dorsal aft view
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Type: Science vessel
Active: 24th century - 26th century (alternate timeline)
Decks: 8
Crew complement: 80
Speed: Warp 8 (maximum)
Armament: Eleven phaser arrays, three photon torpedo launchers
Defenses: Deflector shields
USS Equinox, forward.jpg

Forward view

Forward view
Baxial, The chute
Type: Shuttlecraft
Status: Active
Crew: 1
Armaments: Warp-capable
Defenses: Deflector shield s
Baxial, The chute.jpg


Class: Shuttlecraft
Affiliation: Talaxian
Status: Active (2378)

Neelix owned a small Talaxian cargo shuttle named Baxial. This user's current MA rank is ant (social); parasite (bitter herbs); lurker (Starcraft); filterfeeder (sponge); drone (bee); cell (biological); conscientious objector; civilian observer; non-essential personnel; junkyard-curious/curator some time slug (laziness); sponge (filterfeeder);

USS Pegasus
Valiant oberth temp

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