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Vaadwaur assault fighter

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Vaadwaur assault fighter
Vaadwaur assault fighters in hangar.jpg

Vessels of the class

Vessels of the class
Affiliation: Vaadwaur
Type: Attack fighter
Active: 15th century, 24th century
Armament: Particle cannons

The Vaadwaur assault fighter was a small warship used by the Vaadwaur in the 15th century. It was capable of operation both in an atmosphere and in space, and is armed with particle cannons.

At least 56 assault fighters were preserved underground with a Vaadwaur battalion through the orbital bombardment of the Vaadwaur homeworld in 1484. They were reactivated in 2376 with assistance from the USS Voyager crew, with the intent of helping to break through the Turei fleet gathered over the planet. However, the Vaadwaur attacked Voyager instead in an attempt to take its technology. Many of the fighters were subsequently destroyed by the Turei, after Gedrin transmitted targeting data from a Vaadwaur sentry satellite to them. (VOY: "Dragon's Teeth")

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