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Author(s): John Vornholt
Publisher: Pocket Books
Series: Pocket TNG #23
Published: 11 September 1992
Pages: 256
Stardate: Unknown (2368)
Reference(s): ISBN 1852864257 (paperback)
ASIN B000FC0WH4 (Kindle)

Worf must end hostilities on an untamed world between Human colonists and a pack of feral Klingons.


The USS Enterprise receives a call for help from the planet Selva, where a colony of hardy Humans is being attacked by a group of feral Klingons living wild in the surrounding forest. The planet is largely uninhabited, except for the two warring groups.

Background InformationEdit


Original CharactersEdit

  • Wallins: Enterprise lieutenant.
  • Turrok: feral Klingon boy;
  • Balak: leader of the feral Klingons;
  • Wolm: female feral Klingon;
  • Maltz: feral Klingon, Balak's second-in-command;
  • Lupo: feral Klingon;
  • Raul Oscaras: "President" of New Rekyavik, leader of the Selva colony;
  • Dr. Louise Drayton: colony science officer, Romulan spy;
  • Greg Calvert: colony chief of security;
  • Myra Calvert: Greg's young daughter, a child prodigy.

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