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Warship Voyager

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The warship Voyager
Warship Voyager the voyager encounter Living Witness.jpg

Warship Voyager simulation

Warship Voyager simulation
Type: Warship
Crew complement: 300 soldiers, including those assimilated from Delta Quadrant species
A complement of Borg warrior-drones
An Emergency Medical Android
Armament: 30 torpedo tubes
25 phaser banks
Assault probes and fighter-shuttles
Biogenic weapons
Defenses: A triple-armored hull
Warship Voyager graphic.jpg

A graphic of the warship Voyager

A graphic of the warship Voyager

The warship Voyager was a Kyrian reconstruction of the USS Voyager, based on badly corroded schematics found in the Syrric Ocean. It played a prominent role in The Voyager Encounter, a holographic simulation in the Museum of Kyrian Heritage, which depicted Voyager's biogenic attacks on the Kyrians at the start of the Great War. (VOY: "Living Witness")

The starship featured:

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