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Xindi-Arboreal landing craft

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Xindi-Arboreal landing craft
Xindi landing craft, exterior.jpg

Xindi-Arboreal landing craft

Affiliation: Xindi-Arboreal
Type: Auxiliary craft
Active: 22nd century
Xindi landing craft, interior.jpg

Interior cabin

Interior cabin

The Xindi-Arboreal landing craft was a class of shuttle utilized by the Xindi-Arboreals during the mid-22nd century.

In 2153, one of these landing craft set down on the northern end of the equatorial islands located on the Loque'eque homeworld. The vessel was discovered two weeks later by the crew of Enterprise, who attempted to access the ship's data banks to learn more information on the Xindi, but were unable to complete their attempt after becoming infected by a mutagenic virus and being transformed into Loque'eque. (ENT: "Extinction")

The studio model of the Xindi landing craft was a reuse of the time travel pod that first appeared in "Future Tense". The chair inside the craft was reused from the USS Enterprise-B bridge in Star Trek Generations.(citation needededit)

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